Thanksgiving and Graditude

This year I decided NOT to post the “what I am grateful for everyday ” Post On Facebook. I don’t really know why -I LOVE to read what others wrote -I actually do daily affirmations and prayers year round that have a lot to do with gratitude..I just cannot muster the courage ( or energy ) to share –

SO in a nutshell I wrote a little something something NOT to be shared on FB ..

I am a mommy and thankful for :

-A dry toilet seat

-“Sleeping in” AKA:awaking AFTER the sun has come up

-There being enough milk to make it through breakfast (and no one asking for OJ instead)

-Toys that use imagination NOT batteries (keep it clean people)

-Goldfish crackers because lets face it I buy that shit for me too

-Sticky hugs and wet kisses ( AWWWWW)

-“I love you mom” from a college age kiddo ( AWWW AGAIN )

I am a wife and I am thankful for :

Chris’s ability to cook and his once a MONTH ability to take out the trash (can you feel the love)

The nights when he takes my car and fills it with gas

Bathtime via Chris ..(hey it has happened)

Road trips are ever adventuresome (the wine in the to go cup helps)

Thankful that when he introduces me he still seems so stoked to say “my wife ” ( brought to you by #imserious #stoppuking #Iswearnotsarcasm)

I am a women and I am thankful for : 

Chapstick  or lip gloss -it just feels like I’m dressed up with it on ( only women can relate )

The fact that I don’t have to dress up for work -“Nylons and heels are so comfy and practical to work in ” -Said no one ever

That man who winked at me in traffic (I have looked past the fact that you have no teeth and are holding a ‘will work for food’ sign and decided to focus on the fact that “I still have it ” )

Books and a bubble bath alone …..(a rare condition that seems to happen after children and husband leave the house -if you are reading this and have children under the age of 3 you will not have a clue as to what this is -if researching this “condition”  it is sometimes called – Bathroom Time =Never Alone)

My “sistas ” I am sure men do not have such close relationships ..

As a person I am thankful for laughter and light and love and all that jazz :I am happiest when laughing , most effective when light , and positively in love with two boys that I am the luckiest to have in my life MUCH less call my children..

Thanksgiving time funnies to all :













2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and Graditude

  1. Bath time with Chris? I don’t need any additional details. lol

    Have you tried eos lip balm? Best shit ever! Some BB cream, mascara and eos and out the door you go. 😉

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