Liars and you look stupid too

Reading a group on Facebook this AM and you were suppose to post “eye-candy “. Attractive men or women -which ever team you bat for -many posted hot celeb’s or hot fireman ( yum) BUT SOME :

Posted ” Here is my husband/wife ..All the eye candy I need ” With pics ( first off beer goggles this early ??  its before noon everywhere )

or my ( barf ) fav :

” I am so lucky to have my daily eye candy “-insert pic of husband/wife .

ACTUALLY to men’s credit it was only women that posted this stuff ..

Ok :

-NO ONE is only “attracted ” to one person -notice I said attracted not dating -you can “”read the menu just dont order “. Hell I find the gas station dude by my house attractive ( 23 is just hot period ) .

-No one thinks your gwetto looking husband is hot except you (me thinks he doth protest too much ?) So please let us fantasize about “real men ” airbrushed and perfect.

-You are not a Victoria Secret model so your husband does not think you are ” All the eye candy he needs ” Trust me.

-Does your husband read your Facebook ?? Or beat you ??

In conclusion ..Let’s all –love our husbands-fantasize about fireman and stop lying on Facebook.

Thank you and :

***This public service announcement has been brought to you by #makesmesick# liars#findarealfantasy


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