Ohhh Netflix how I love thee ..

Ok we all know I dont like TV ..Im just not a TV person per say ..

I also like organic ..enjoy lecturing about using coupons and give kids little 99 cent toys and popcorn or goldfish bags for Halloween ..I hate myself too ..

and FYI on that point I still have toys left over from last Halloween ..apparently kiddos now a days don’t like that ..MY angels on the other hand are so much better :

Max: Mommy I hate all my toys 

Me: Fine we will give them away to kids that don’t have toys and can appreciate the toys ..put the ones you want to give away  in this ( i gave him a bag ) bag and Ill donate tomorrow .

Max: Im not sure all my toys will fit ..I don’t like any of them.

Ohh yes he radiates gratitude ..

Dave ( when he was 5 ) 

He kept leaving his toys out ..

Me : David this basket is here so that any toy you leave out after going to bed I will donate. If you cannot take care of your toys we need to give them to kids that will.

Dave ( surveyed the room ) Grabbed my shoes ..put them in the basket and said Mom if you cannot put your things away we will donate them to people that will.

My children are shining examples of gratitude and appreciation ..

BUT ok Netflix :


Great shows ..

Orange is the New Black ..( I guess based on a true story ) 

If you can get past the first three episodes and all the lesbian sex -( ladies stay with it ) guys ( you’re welcome ) 

GREAT show 

How I Met Your Mother ..

need I say more ..chris and I have become that annoying couple that quotes from that show from across the party and I text dave random quotes ..( he doesn’t text back ) 

GREAT and funny show …

Ok Chris loves ( girls just check out you will hate ) Breaking Bad ..Sons of Anarchy..

THEY HAVE 13 going on 30 … YES THEY DO ..

and other movies documentaries ..

Anywho from one hippee chick that is not a TV person and would be happy eating off my organic garden ( LETS ALL LAUGH THE FUCK OUT OF THAT -I cannot keep cactus alive thank god for whole foods and sprouts and BTW yes I bolded FUCK I find myself very funny)  

BUY netflix …

can anyone share what they watch ? thanks suggestions requested !! 






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