ohhh my only child …not a brat an only child ( insert sarcasm )

Dave : ‘Actual convo :

some back story ..he got back together with Marina ( PRAISE JESUS ) 

soo of course i send her some things to make her feel better about being alone in a dorm ..

( ok ok I have no daughters and I love her and she is alone -with three roommates -at UCSB ) 

(CORAL be ware I get a little crazy when the kiddos live on their own ..)


convo :

dave : “three stickers mom -REALLY COOL STICKERS -she doenst even have her car there ..and i get ONE like last year “

Me : first off every girl needs fun reminders that they are wonderful and I know how much she loves the ocean .

Dave : AND she gets Lara bars ?? and a framed picture about ( yes i died at this ) girl go go power ” ( i cut a pic out of a magazine framed it and sent it to her-it said “you always had the power my dear you just had to learn it for yourself”-Glinda the good witch-perfect right ?? for a girl going to college   ) 

Me: Dave every food package I have sent I wrap each item in fun but cute sayings ..also I framed ur poem about the ocean and sent that to you .

Dave : Mom that doenst even count you bought her these things ..these cool stickers and you know how I love my car.

Me: ( cuz I am that good of a mom ) Dave you were never blessed with siblings so close that u had to share NOW GET THE F over yourself and BTW if u act like this no more food “treat boxes for you “

Dave : mom you cannot take a joke ? I was kidding and BTW how is Max ?? 

OHHHHH Dave …ohhh my little 18 year old 🙂 or only child ..or spoiled brat 

and on that note we did leave the convo like  this 

Dave: actually mom no “shit ” ( really ?? ) you are a great mom just let go and say no once in a while ..max and i will learn from..actually you said no to me alot ..max needs more of that ! ” 


he had hung up already ..clearly done … 


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