Update on everything

I am 100 % well 🙂


Ginger and garlic ..I swear by it !! ( and yes I stunk ) ..Chris asked if I bathed in garlic..NO but tempting !! 


Updates on the monkeys :

Max has a new obsession with Ninjas -I am a green one ?? He “hides ” and yells ” You cannot see me ok mommy cause Im sneaked on you ” HAHHAHHA 

Max also has new flash cards which he loves …we take them everywhere ( and they are everywhere ) They include phonics so when we get to the the F and SH Chris and I have to hide our inner 13 year old and keep it clean like “F like Fish ” and “SH like shut ” …

Davey is plugging along ..he drove to San Diego this weekend and spent some time with Grandpa and friends …I really hate when he drives that far alone and he really hates that I feel this way ..and so we agree to disagree -or he ends up saying “ok mom ” “ill be fine -sigh sigh ” and I end up hanging up the phone and having yet another convo with god about how he will protect Dave and I will never cuss again ..

Chris has been a little bit of a fish lately …and by fish I mean raging alcoholic ..I swear I found a Coors Light in the shower ..hmm not sure what happens after I go to bed ..damn those sleeping pills are good …and I can promise you I don’t want to  know ..

Me : well no cold anymore 🙂 so yayaya ..Im looking forward to Halloween and all the upcoming holidays 🙂 Will be painting mini pumpkins for Max’s teachers and making fun healthy Halloween snacks for Max to share ( yes u r right I am THE PERFECT MOMMY )  In all honestly I love doing this stuff…ohh and when my dad and Dave come for Thanksgiving I wanted to make fun place mats ..something cute and individual for each person ..any ideas ?? I have time so even ideas that take a while ?? 

OOHHH And this week=workout week for me ..back in the saddle ( wanna hear the reasons I stopped ?? -ya me either ) everyday no excuses ..

I truly hope everyone has a great week ….That is the goal right ? 🙂

LOVE Max’s face !!:






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