Under the weather ..Oh and I’m not feeling well..

Under Co weather rules ..there are no rules..it changes daily ..scratch that hourly ..last week was snow ..this week sunny and beautiful …tomorrow rain …the poor weather men/women I wonder how they manage ..its like predicting a preschool class full of ADHD kiddos..anywho this lead to sickness ..like all around me ..Max seems exempt ( too stubborn ) and does not get affected. I too seem to be exempt ( too stubborn ) however at a low point this last week and weekend I caught a “bug “. I am stuffy and coughing and just feel plain old BLAH !! Max has been quite the caretaker ..making my lunches , getting me water , drawing a bath for me which he promptly dove in , and reading to me -my books ” the ones with no pictures about Jesus ” ( Um what?? I’m pretty sure the books I read have no reference to Jesus Max but would you mind telling your grandma that i read Jesus books ? ) and BTW if you have never had a four year old read to you let me give you the low down it goes like this -first five mins are adorable and give a great insite into their little minds and personality ..after 5 mins you are trying to find a way to close ( lose ) the damn book and find 30 seconds of silence . 

SO as I was saying I have a cold …and wanted to share some cool things I found on the internet about this..( also please feel sorry for me 🙂 ) 

I typed in how water can help with a cold ..this is what came up :

As soon as noticing the onset of cold symptoms (usually starting with a sore throat and/or runny nose) take an antihistamine to minimize mucus flow, sneezing, and coughing which can cause the virus to spread within the body much more quickly, initially overwhelming the immune system response, prolonging the sickness and its severity. Slowing down the initial spread of the virus, will give the body more time to develop resistance and fight off the intrusion, likely reducing the time of sickness and its severity. Also, right when symptoms begin, take Cold-EEZE immediately to reduce the symptoms and length of your cold!

LMAO drugs and water apparently one in the same …

I typed in stop a cold :

  • Use a decongestant. Sprays containing phenylephrine (Neo-Synephrine) or oxymetazoline (Afrin) shrink swollen blood..it goes on 
  • Try a pill. ..again explains 
  • Consider an antihistamine.—


Whatever side of the “meds VS natural ” fence you are you are on you have to admit its odd that every suggestion ends in a medication.


NOW before you say I’m one sided I also found :


I typed non medication cold remedies and found :

 Neti pot – Every morning and night, fill the net pot with a small amount of salt (about 1 teaspoon) in warm water to wash out sinuses. The salt kills bacteria and the warm water flushes out the nasal passages. Nasal irrigation can be an effective way to relieve sinus symptoms. 

okay the neti pot just creeps me out ..no clue why I am LOVE with my humidifier.

Ginger – Ginger helps bring down inflammation, clear congestion and support the immune system.  Drink 2-3 cups of fresh ginger tea daily. Freshly grated ginger root (about 2 teaspoons) in a cup of hot water is best but Yogi Teas also makes a ginger tea. It’s great to soothe sore throats too!

I actually didnt know that ..i thought of ginger for the tummy …

Rest – Get lots of rest (massage, anyone?) and sleep (do nothing, seriously!).

LMAO I have a four old and a husband that likes to cook and not clean ..this is the most unrealistic statement ever ..but thx for the suggestion and now for the guilt that I cannot do this ..

Here are some things I like better :






Love and health to all ..:) 










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