Exploring ( and not with Dora )

We have been exploring CO and states ( Wyoming ) around us.

Here is some pics :
( Facebook friends this is a repeat of pics !! )








and today …


Update on Max, Dave, Chris and I :

Max : Max a roo has a new found love for the movie Spy Kids 2 …and has now requested I get a job as a “Spy Mom ” instead of just a mom …( apparently “mom ” is my job ) He also loves to come to the gym with me ( a little one we have at our new complex ) where he “instructs ” me the entire time as heard on the TV that “anyone can be a personal trainer ” (Not sure where he heard this ?? Info commercial ?? ) It is highly annoying but cute as hell so he will live to see another “training ” session …

Dave: Dave is clicking right along with school ..loves to “go to parties ” ( HOLY SHIT DAVE TMI ) and actually like classes ..” hot chicks everywhere ” ( AGAIN DAVE I AM YOUR MOTHER ..) I overheard Chris say to Dave : “ride ’em and slide em ‘ ” WHAT THE HELL …I guess I am just stoked Dave and I talk everyday -my fears are starting to subside and he is COMING OUT IN NOV ..DID I SAY COMING OUT IN NOV ?? I am BESIDE myself with excitement -I miss him terribly !!

Chris : Chris is very stoked to be in our new place as one of his friends lives in the same complex  and enjoys the same things as Chris ( beer, guitar and netflix ) They also share a love of cooking ( yayyay for me ) and when they are sober are quite fun to be around -once the buzzed to drunk corner has been rounded Max and I usually find a place to “hide ” for the evening.

Me: I am pretty stoked to be able to see such cool things -mtns , rodeos ( yep you read that right ) taste elk , I also have been able to make so many homemade things and crafts -apron anyone ?- However I still thirst for the sunset over the ocean ..does it ever go away ?? I think I am just a person with sand between my toes ..Oh and I miss my buddies !!

Can I add :I have gained all the weight I lost back in two weeks -sux huh ??) Dont judge its stressful moving and it was flooding -no excuse I know ..that’s why I added that last ….

Have a wonderful weekend everyone ..




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