Noah’s Ark and Moving

For anyone who has no access to internet , friends or TV let me recap what happened in CO-It flooded -like holy shit FEMA style flooded..( and FYI yes they do blare air horns throughout the town when you have to as a local put it to me in Whole Foods ” get your tail home before you become a wet cat” ..side note lay off the weed dude ) Anyways thinking it was a tornado warning Max and got home and watched the TV only to find out it was for flooding ..Oh did I mention we were moving also ?? Yep moving in a monsoon ..who would have thought ? Perfect timing … HAHHA FUN FUN !! BUT we survived and on a serious note it was HORRIBLE in the surrounding cities and some lost lives ….so I am grateful to have been ok .


On that note we are in and unpacked ( LMAO ) and by unpacked I mean Chris got drunk one night and unpacked half the kitchen ..I will not go into detail but Im pretty sure Chris mistook Tupperware for vases as the cute decoration self is littered with Tupperware and the cupboard has vases and frames in it ..hmm ..oh and this happened Wednesday..and its Friday NOPE haven’t fixed that shit yet. And by unpacked I mean Max’s room has so many unpacked boxes he ( ok fine I totally helped it was fun ) built a maze where at the end you get rewarded with cake ( made out of soup he found “in the box in the bathroom ” ) SHIT how did I miss him going through that and why the hell is it empty ? And by unpacked I mean I have moved a box out of way to get onto the kitchen now prob a dozen plus times ..just unpack it ?? Crazy talk …

So I ask ..what is a reasonable time to get things unpacked, put away and up on the walls ? I know what my mother would say..but realistically any timelines ? Hints for unpacking -with a very active participant named Max ?? Offer to come over and help ??  Oh well ..

Ill share my highlights with Dave and Max ……


( on the phone of course ) 

Dave : Mom I cannot sleep ( side note Dave has like me always suffered from pretty bad insomnia SO this is not unusual ) 

Me : I know hunny do you want me to send you some herbal meds..they really have been the only thing that worked for me.

Dave: Mom you smoke weed ?  LOL ya send some ..

(a lengthy explanation of melatonin vs marijuana proceeded ) 



Max: Mommy did you know disapprove means try again ?

Me: No hunny it actually means do not do it or its not ok to do.

( long pause ) 

Max ( under his breath ) Well that makes much more sense now ..


Have a wonderful weekend all !!








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