not really much to say ..

NO really not much to say except stay AWAY from walgreens ..sweetest lady old and fragile got out of her car ..Max and I both ( i have to say to Max’s credit he got nervous with her getting out and made sure she got in b4 us ) ANYWHO she had a bumper sticker on her car that said “jesus is alive is hope and love ” SO as she walked in I said ” Im so glad you have that bumper sticker its been one of those days ( Max looked extra alert -his super power at 7AM ) She god love her frail and cute looked down at Max and said this ” he lives ..he is man if you want to see him tell mommy -( eyes averted to me ) he lives at my church ” 

Max ” He lives in my heart ” and then he continued as I tried to bribe him to SHUT THE FUCK UP with everything on the shelf . ” and mommy said he also lives behind the couch ” ( this is an inside joke between my sis and I ) 

you would have thought I killed her humming bird feeder ( she was old ) 

she came back with the best thing ever : ” no my pastor is jesus he has come son “

and Max came back with the best ever ” Then why are my dinosaurs still extinct ? “

7am and two crazies just made their day view ..

to her credit she glared at me and walked away …

to max’s credit he said ” i hope she finds her dinosaur even if she has no idea about jesus “


oh kids and oldies BOTH crazy and I am 26 year old stuck in the middle ( okay add ten years ) …


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