Max and I have so much in common

I realized today on my run ( walk ) Max and I have some of the same thoughts :

” I want cookies for breakfast ” Me too Max ..well not really I want hash browns covered in gravy with a glass ( gallon )of wine … none the less enjoy your organic cheerios with organic milk and I will have my Ezeciekel bread with nonfat cottage cheese and water …

” I don’t want to clean up after playing ” I have to admit I HATE TO put my clothes away ( toys for grown ups ) and dishes YUCK !! I’m totally with ya ..

” Do I have to take a bath/shower everyday ? ” Yes you do and I wish we didnt have to ..if you have patchouli in your pocket we might be good for a couple days ( in Boulder CO ) it would save so much time in the AM ( for me ) and PM ( for you )

” I want a second dessert ” Me too kiddo except Im thinking your version of dessert might be different then mine ( I mean wine perverts not the other thing 🙂 ) However know when to say when to cookies ( or wine ).

“i’m bored ” I am in CO with little friends and the time difference sucks so yes I am with ya HOWEVER can I request something Max ?? When you are bored lets not get into the soap to create “soup ” for your stuffed animals ..that also consists of toothpaste ( on the upside how you do this within the 5 mins I have started dinner is somewhat remarkable ) On that note can I also request that when you make a “lemonade stand ” we use our imagination NOT the sink, bucket from the sand toys closet  and lemon juice from the fridge ( again how did you do that while i was in the bathroom ??) anyways ..

” Another snack is the ONLY thing that is gonna make it better ” ( this could be a cut ..or sadness or how the hell knows ) Again Max I have found Hot Cheetos makes  ALOT better for me so I am with ya food issues ?? yes and you are now in the same leaky row boat as Dave and I ( any comfort food makes Dave feel better and anything salty for me makes me feel better -I blame my parents and continue to for their grandchildren following suit ..:) )

“Five more minutes ” Here is where being an adult is better kiddo ..I can hit snooze ..Ill kill you and make another one like you if you tried to hit “snooze ” on my head ..:)

OHHHH parenting in my 30’s is so so so diff than ..well actually not really I could the same with Dave when he was little …

Here’s what I think ..the old saying ..GROWING UP IS OVER RATED !! WHAT I WOULD NOT GIVE TO HAVE MY DAD’S FOOD NIGHTLY , his waking me up ( with a broom BUT I DIGRESS ) and his ” hey did u do your homework ? ” or “make sure you get your lunch ” or “hey did you get your lunch/gas money ? ”

SOOO in conclusion Max you and I have the same wishes ( and Dave too ) HOWEVER take on adulthood and you are screwed stay with mommy always ( Dave CO isnt that bad come here )

and Max and Dave’s future therapist thanks me for his vacation in HI …


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