Workouts and the great personal trainer

This weight loss journey has been an interesting one …

Highlights :

-My body craves veggies and exercise -literally !! ( although I can not run right now I hurt my knee )

-I eat every two hours small portions and am no longer afraid of restaurants -I make “swap ” choices automatically.

-I actually like fruit -mainly apples with cheese BUT that’s a fruit damn it !

-I found a super low cal wine sure ill share – our Daily Red Organic Wine  only 414 calories per BOTTLE

Downsides :

-Hurt my knee ( not telling how just know that it involved a fall..and a shower ) I know nothing to do with working out

-I make an hour a day to work out ( that is hard for me ) when Chris works and its 95 degrees outs it’s (almost )  downright impossible ..

-I’m getting tired of hummus and lunch meat

-I don’t get to drink as much wine as I would like

-I lie alot on myfitnesspal ..I put run instead of walk ..walk instead of run and I forget to log food and then WAY over log shit I haven’t eaten yet ..I’m not sure this tool is working for me

Things I have learned :

-Drink two 8 ounce glasses of water RIGHT when u wake up -( boosts metabolism) for added “fun ” add lemon or lime to water
-Three week carb cleanse -eat  no carbs after lunch on week one ( including fruit ) -no carbs after 3:00PM  week two -then after that always 50 percent protein with all meals  and 10-20 % carbs 30-40 % veggies ( this is kinda a diabetic diet BUT I don’t do well with carbs so it works for me )
 -Eat 5-13 servings of veggies and fruit a day (2½ cups is a serving ..)
-Almond milk is not really all that healthy -goat milk is the best.
Happy to share and you are welcome 🙂
And here is what happened to me with the personal trainer : ( true story -EVERY WORD )
I got a free trail gym membership in the mail -this includes a free personal training session…yayyaya I thought ..I had my list of questions :
I wore my matching workout clothes.
I was ready ..
And then I saw him -and by him I mean half man-half angel..
I grew up in sunny San Diego …everyone is beautiful. Have seen my share of celebrities…..HOWEVER this was the hottest human I have ever seen.
He was cowboy-ish ( not usually my type ) with a hint of boy next door ..and a sprinkle of naughty biker dude ,,,( I know I should have taken a pic on the sly ..)
AND SO I did what any normal human being would do ..made a complete ass of myself .
Let me break it down:
( for those of you with little ones you know you just sang the yo-gabba gabba song when reading break it down )
“HI I’m Tom “
“Steph here ” ( WTF -steph reporting for duty ? )
after inviting me to use the equipment he told me afterwards he would be measuring me -I ran like i was trying run off the treadmill and out of the building ..not even gonna lie contemplated pulling the fire alarm -Anyway I will fast forward to the convo :
( went something like this )
“Are you comfortable taking you shirt off and just being in your sports bra to measure ? -god -man
“What ? ” god-man
“um yes here ” Me ( took off shirt and handed to him -poor guy looked like I handed him a dead cat -pinched my shirt and put it on the table )
and now begins the strange looks from Tom
and then he measures :
“Ok you are ..” Tom
“Don’t tell me ” Me (I said this way too fast and loud btw )
“What ?”
“Head in then sand right ?? “-Insert nervous laugh ..cackle ?
“But this is for you “
“I am good ..thanks ” Cackle ( ?)  again.
“How will you know results ? “
” Its all good. “
****strange looks from Tom***
Wrestling away from him I grabbed my shirt -“thanks ” And used my new found sprinting skills to get the hell out of there ..
OHH i almost forgot …in the beginning of this “session ” he offered some words of wisdom ( as he put it ) and encouraged me to take notes :
This is how distracted I was :
Makes no sense to me …
ANYWAYS fun fitness stuff :
There’s an old saying that goes, ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper,’
Have a lovely day !!

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