You are up Ken ..

So this is post is 100% dedicated to my dad ( well my dad and Holly as she is mentioned or at least  thought of in memories -when I say I remember I mean she remembers too ..yes she does ..YES HOLLY YOU DO )

all the while trying not to be my mother I have become my father ..(I know now I see Max and he is the great frontier I have never known or experienced and am loving really no shit learning  …BUT Dave I got from day one ..)

( Holly actually said this to me I had to stifle the laugh ..hunny you have been k fuss since you were born ..but I digress )

I have  a GREAT relationship with my mom now ..we talk usually twice a day and I do not want to A. find a ditch to put her body in and B. find a ditch to put my body in we have moved on from my teenage/20’s years ..I actually use her advice and we vent to one another ..

now my pops who I have loved hook line and sinker since day one and when I say day one i mean it ..he has been my rock, my core , my everything even AFTER I hated ( we hated I know dad you never hated my mom, I know you loved her for giving you us kids ..I did hear convos though so …anywho ) my mom ..BUT again tan git much Steph ? SOOOO after all these years I have sworn I would not be my mother -she is great BUT as a child she was really never there and by there I mean she was harmful-and damn it all to hell I have become my father ( again never thought this would be a bad thing BUT it is -warning Dave and Max all the while you think your dad is so great and so wonderful be aware you will become him the good the bad and ugly -hopefully not the gut -AGAIN I DIGRESS -I know I KNOW YELLING I KNOW your mom is crazy that horrid women that she is but remember lesser of two evils-just a thought )

Reasons I am becoming/now k fussell..( this is where you leave us/me inside family shit )

1. I work out and am not satisfied ..I run in the AM is that enough ?? ohh no no I have work out at work with weights or do squats cuz one time is never enough ( insert dirty joke here and BTW dad maybe that’s why women keep coming back ?? and then leave and come back ? ohh I am LMAO and puking at the same time )

2. When watching a show ( even bad ) I will stick with it to the VERY end ..I literally think I have come this far surely it will make since ( this is what my father used to say when I was a kid and even now ) “I am committed now ” actually were his words ..

3. There is NO WAY in gods green earth my children will behave like assholes in public ..infact when they do they get the Ken F look and are “taken out back ” funny story ..Max ( gotta love his gusto ) told me in a store  ” Dont give me that look when I ask you mommy I have been good all week ”

4. I miss dave I miss dave I miss dave ..did I tell you I miss my dave ?? ok my dad did not miss his kids ( they -me -never gave him a chance we kept coming back ) BUT I pulled a K f ( Ken Fussell not keep fucking up 🙂  and btw fucking up is now one word for those counting ) I called dave and told him he could have some $ I told him ..and by him I mean his answering machine do we call it that anymore ?? I think now its called voice mail ..anyway ” Hey kiddo I would like to spent some money on you can you take yourself out or make yourself feel better ( so KF )take ur self out to dinner take a friend … his words and I shit you not via text ( I checked my phone to do it perfect )  :  i will make it ….mom….i am ok ..i love you ..( okay i added the I love you he never texted that BUT can I dream ?? )

and then I realized I may be my dad BUT my son is too and this leaky row boat has some pretty good people aboard ….row damn it row we might be doing circles in the lake but atleast we are moving…


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