David, Food and Books

In that order ..I am obsessed with these things right now …

I said goodbye to Dave at 11:30 AM on Friday August 2nd 2013. NO he did not pass away nor did he go to jail , he is now on his own in college -in a boarding house that is “monitored ” loosely by a flaky albeit nice dude-and the one roommate who is there so far is weird and told me all about how hard he and everyone parties.Nice going dude-or at least that is what Dave’s face said -Anyway I am obsessed with calling, texting spying on Facebook to make sure he is not lying in a  ditch drunk somewhere signing La Bamba to his future killer ..Do you see I am fucking nuts ..OHH I also havent sleep due to irrational fears like -what picture would I put on his missing posters and what in a month he decides he  hates school -lies and says he is still enrolled and becomes a cocaine dealer ?? Or the most probable one -what if him and his girlfriend break up ..I LOVE HER ( and lets be honest she keeps him pretty straight and narrow ) Anyway Dave is ready to kill me ..Chris cannot stand that I am”creeping about the house ” from 1-430 or so and I am EXTRA cranky due to stress ..on the upside I am Jogging fast and often ( I do not give myself a day off ). AWWWW A -MOMMIES-LIFE-IS-NEVER-STRESS-FREE-or maybe that is just me ( I am being VERY serious when I say I will consider therapy if this paranoia does not go away -and yes by therapy I mean day drinking -wine-by the gallon.)

I love Myfitnesspal.com and I hate it . I am obsessed with counting calories and saving up for “splurges” like cheeses-bread -and wine. I spend an UNGODLY amount of time meal planning and running over and over in my head what to eat and when to log it and when to look up recipes and where to “be ” in the grocery store as to not trigger bad habit buying

( When I allow myself to daydream about the naughty parts of the store I am eating Doritos on an edible cheese boat that floats to the bakery section for fresh baguettes and ends with a fountain of champagne )

ODDLY enough though I was not obsessed when in Cali ( I ate out -drank -midnight ate-this meaning a bottle of wine later ordering pizza in a hotel room seemed like a fab idea) and it appears I lost 6 pounds ( give or take I’M REALLY BAD AT TRACKING-meaning I think I may have lost this BEFORE I left. )

I-read -like read -like not mommy I need milk ..phone is ringing ..hunny can you pick up the mail ..LIKE READ IN SILENCE FOR HOURS -traveling alone -gotta love it . I now am obsessed with getting back into that habit and finding time ALONE to read ( lets all laugh hysterically shall we ? ) Anyway I did visit my fav used book store this weekend as well as The Goodwill and bought books..yayya and I am reading three books at once -Nicolas Sparks The Best Of Me -( I don’t want it to end I have 6 more pages and I am avoiding it ) A Buddhist daily affirmation book ( I LOVE IT -Dave’s girlfriend got it for me -might be a hint -BUT none the less I love it ) and my fav-my chocolate ice-cream treat of books ..Bossypants by Tina Fey so so so so so so fucking funny !! I have a HUGE crush on her now and I want to  marry her -its legal now so there .

I’m open to book suggestions -wait but none on losing a college aged child, eating food or buying used books by the dozen -anything else Im game ..


In the parting words of Max when I dropped him off today  “See you when I see you -hopefully before I have to eat my apples  ” 🙂


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