Baseball, thanks you’s and sh*t I forgot !!

Baseball game last night was FABULOUS and way fun to watch Max LOVE it !

HOWEVER I ate : a foot long polish dog with sauerkraut , a pretzel ( well half actually ) with that gooey yummy cheese shit ( it prob actually is ) had a Guinness beer -i think that’s 5000 calories alone -and came home and drank wine, ate leftover Shepards Pie with my hands out of the dish and about three chicken pieces – Folks -I dont always have cheat days BUT when I do I do it like a drunk college frat boy on even given Saturday.

BUMMER I feel like shit today -might be the alcohol -will get back on track today-had hummus and veggies so far BUT I really want a BIG MAC yep I said it no shame ..I want a Big Mac although what I am really doing is trying to convince Chris to take me to Chilis tonight -Yes its better -dont judge -They have 360 calorie steak -me want .

OHH And since this sounds slightly negative ( my negative cleanse remember ) I have decided to do some thank you’s.

Thank you -god -buddha- mother tearesa -Channing Tatum-for ..

The breeze today its mother f*in hot here and the breeze was so nice.

Max -yep just for him -I dig on that -shoes on the wrong feet -hat backwards-kid.

Corn nuts -no details-let’s move on.

For Chili’s and the good karma that is gonna get me there tonight. 🙂


Let me list so we all know what an asshole I am ..

1. To mail fathers day gifts -yep its JULY.

2. To mail a foodie basket -LONG story BUT I joined this foodie exchange and you mail a treat box to your person -forgot -its been two weeks ( I imagine she is heart broken sitting on her porch sighing each time the mail man comes with no package. )

3. Max’s water bottle today -its triple digits here -my poor kiddo.

4. To ask Chris if he got the promotion.

Hey and its only Tuesday ..

A cool saying:

“The real danger lies not in aiming too high and falling short, but in aiming too low and hitting the mark.” -Michelangelo

Cool picture :



Cool Song for today :

(Link )










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