Happy Happy

Details suck and its Monday so who has the patience ( doesn’t it sound like I’m  happy ?? ) 

So here is the ten reasons I am happy :

1.Dave left his two weeks at work ( he was SOOOOOOO nervous about it for weeks ) and it was “no big deal mom ” YAYYYA Dave -growing up ! 

2. Kinda connected to number one BUT Dave checks into boarding house in two weeks -hence the two week notice -so excited ( and terrified ) for him to start this chapter. Truth be told I am more excited than terrified cuz I know this is about to become some amazing days for him and isn’t that what we want for our kiddos ?? Amazing and education ? 

3. I see a diff in my weight -well actually in my legs -and my face. Not enough but getting there …

4.I found a great place to buy produce -this is hard in CO and I have been eating -like a starving rabbit -all the veggies I can get my hands on. 🙂 

5. Max is very into pretend right now ..his newest is mommy lets pretend I am 5 and mommy lets pretend Im not yours and I have a new mommy ( why does this make me happy? Cuz … A.It cracks me up and B. I so remember pretending that with my parents -as a teenager mind you not at 4 but mere details. 🙂 ) 

6. Max loved the play the Hobbit we went to -and we survived our first experience with the ghetto in Denver ( honestly the most ghetto that I have ever been in ) We “avoided all eye contact ” -advice from a Denver local and made it successfully into the theater …

7. I get to see a friend next weekend who moved out here from Cali AND we are going on a long hike-10 miles i think  …kid-less…did I say minus a Max?? ..did i mention without child ?? NOT that I don’t love to hike with Max BUT the speed is different without him -no peeing on the trail-no stopping to open juice boxes -not answering endless questions or picking up dropped phones -fast and steady PLUS cafe after wards with Bloody Marys 🙂

8. Going to see a baseball game tonight-IT IS SO MUCH FUN TO SEE MAX AT GAMES -I swear that child is the BIGGEST fan 🙂 I see mascot in Max’s future …

9. Chris finds out if he gets the promotion he wanted today or tomorrow -YAYYYA !! Either way it looks like he will get a new position -if not more $$ more clout !

10. So what ?? You didn’t hear ?? It -HAS-BEEN-30-DAYS -I CAN -HAVE-MERLOT-CAB-VODKA-ALL-MY -FAVS-AGAIN ..MAYBE ALL AT ONCE ?? hmmmmmm ..Here’s hoping the liquor store dudes still remember me …:) 

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