Meanwhile in Budget Land

So my grocery budget has been great !

Here is some stuff I have been doing THAT ACTUALLY WORKS to keep on budget AND save time AND save boredom ..and so on and so on ..

Pick and choose organics -refer to the “dirty dozen ” list ..and I bought veggies and fruits on sale only -we ate and cooked with only those. ( i substituted alot ) Plus all veggies were used ..I had cucumbers for lunch one day and chopped them up and put in my water cuz I had extras ….

I make my own broth ..since we didn’t have  chicken on the bone this week ..I made veggie broth -I saved all my veggie scrapes ( I add extra garlic ) -boil in water to cover – about an hour or so -strain then freeze in ice cubes -once frozen transfer to ziploc bag-I use when recipe calls for chicken broth too. On that note I also freeze herbs in olive oil in ice trays -transferring to ziploc once frozen. We have very busy icetrays in my house! 🙂

I made my own mayo ( yes you read that right ) If you want the recipe email me -its not all that $ saving BUT much much healthier and yummier!

I made Shepard’s Pie and Quiche -totally cheap and froz leftovers in portion sizes. Again email me for recipe. ( When I take Max to school he eats breakfast in the car so quiche is perrfeecctt !! )

I bought meats at Costco and Ziplocs at 99 cent store.

I bought rice,pasta and couscous at Big Lots. SUPER CHEAP and I found my healthy brands ( just watch exp date.)

I made double batch of pancakes and froz individually for breakfasts -just toast in the toaster or nuke.

I made smoothies as desserts -money saver AND much healthier for Max ..oh and we also made homemade popsicles.

I checked online BEFORE we went anywhere to see deals and discounts ( this isn’t really a grocery budget BUT whatever ) ended up saving all over the city ! Everyday they have kids eat free at different restaurants ..I’m sure in every city !

Oh and a not so fun BUT you get used to it trick that helped is that if we run out or don’t have I substitute or go without -this is hard BUT saved tons of nickel and dime money.

Oh so I can drink wine again on Sunday ..yayya BUT I have to say I have saved A TON of money on the wagon ( of course I have cheated -not gonna lie -but non the less saved a ton )

Anyways that’s my sharing for today ..did I tell you it is share day ? Go ahead ..share your $ money saving tips ..or any tips ..:) I am especially curious as to how to find time to shave daily with a 4 year old and a full time job -and by shave daily I really mean how do I find time to shave weekly and brush my hair daily ?? 🙂 xoxo all !


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