Rainbows are out there

I have lost inches !! yayayya ..not pounds -well actually I have no idea I don’t own a devil ..I mean scale ..

So on that note I have decided to challenge myself to a 10 day negativity cleanse…

I have been REALLY Debbie Downer lately ( I have to say too I notice a change in Max he has been Dr. Depresso lately also )

SO everyday I will find a way to stay positive ( no not drugs ) ( no not alcohol ) ….maybe exercise more ?? Maybe daily mantra ?? Maybe a gun and an unsuspecting liquor store ?

This may be more challenging then I thought ..

One fun “share ” is Max is a tad ( and by a tad I mean he is one egg roll away from being renamed Ching Wang ) obsessed with China -they are learning all about at school -so this weekend we will be making homemade eggrolls -YUMMO -so on the way to school:

Me :Hunny are you excited about making egg rolls for your class ?

Max: Yes but we cannot right now you would be late for work and I would be late for my china learning.

Me :Right. So maybe this weekend ?

Max: Why not the Chinese ( yes he said Chinese ) are very patient especially when it comes to rice .

Me: Because it takes so long to cook ?

Max : NO because have you seen those fields? I wouldn’t  wait that long for rice ..


oh here’s two pics I love for today :




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