Age is yet a number …

I am a truly not a grown up ..I realized this the last couple days ( surprisingly)  I am actually A. Not shocked and B. Kinda happy I am not -its much more fun in the juvenile arena.

I love Family Guy and anything Comedy Central. I also LOVE Off the Rocker ( wait does that make me old ? )

I laugh ( to myself cannot let Chris know ) at Chris’s naked dance to Nasty Girl by Janet Jackson

I truly have no doubt that a hot dog is a MUST at a baseball game

Anyone annoying me is a turd nugget (yep I am not kidding this is what I say in my head )

I LOVE baths and good books-I still love Shel Silverstein

I really really really want a puppy ( sad face )

I laughed ( like a hyena in church ) at these emails I received in my inbox ( subject line ) -“Difference between babies and aliens….nothing ”

-Your poop is it enough ??And we are serious ”

-“When masturbation becomes obsession”

I do love frozen yogurt with sprinkles ( now I want )

and I think the kicker was when i was flippin through channels ( for Max ) I found a show on Disney titled : Doc McStuffins -dont try to re-read you got it right the first time -that is an ACTUAL show -someone sat down and said lets name a CHILDREN’S show something so similar to a porno it will confuse some

( or at least that’s what the 12 year old Steph thought )

Happy Tuesday Turd Nuggets !


2 thoughts on “Age is yet a number …

  1. OMG DOC MCSTUFFIN IS GOD DAMN GREAT!! “Paging Dr. McStuffin”, “We have a vagina emergency in trauma one”. Apparently Im 12 still too.

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