Snapped -ever seen the show ?

Watch carefully i might be on it …

Chris is a diet sabotager ..( sp ? not even sure that is a word ..)

and a jerk about it !!

Let me give you some examples with JUST the facts and you decide ..

Me: What’s for dinner ?

Chris :I don’t know i’ll grab something at the store to make

Me :Ok just remember I’m eating low cal and as low processed as possible

( and later that day )

Chris : Hey I got Bratwurst ..sauerkraut and hoagie rolls


Chris : I’m testing your self control -you should thank me

Chris : Hey i read an article that says wine won’t make you gain weight so maybe you should pick some up for yourself tonight ..

Me : ( Salivating ) Really ??

Chris : No just kidding. Just wanted to test you and you failed ”

Me : Hey I need to run 2morrow AM what time do I need to be back so you can leave for work ?

Chris : 7:30

and at 630 AM that morning

Chris :Hey I need to leave at 7:00 not 7:30

Me : WHAT ??

Chris :Just run faster -I’m motivation.

Now some additional facts :

Chris is not dieting with me

Chris is not working out AT ALL

and Chris has never stuck to a getting healthier plan for more than 3 days in the 16 years I have known him ..

you be the judge



-bigger ass

These are your choices .


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