No NOT the fun kind that induces laughing and seth rogan movies ..

the bad sabotage your diet kind ..

let me show you in pics what I have ingested in the last two hours ( in no particular order ) 







yep that’s a bratwurst..and the weird yellow stuff is sauerkraut..i had two helping of each …should have just drank a bottle of wine prob healthier and less calories  🙂 oh well I will run harder tomorrow ( who am i kidding ) ..and eat less calories at dinner as well ( again the BS continues ) and maybe even post bathing suit pics on FB because I will feel so good ( the pigs that are flying around my computer are piling up ) 

Anyways ..a fun quote from Max ..” I am not be 6 yet  BUT when I am I will go to college without you ” ( this after a stern re-directing ) I laughed BUT what i wanted to say was first off doogie houser you are stuck with me until you are 18 and secondly I am without wine and “fun ” food don’t FUCK WITH ME ..but I refrained ..yayyya Steph 


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