Back to the B word

Budget again ..

I had a HUGE wake up call last night ..and a good friend is actually looking at my finances now to help me “slim ” down my spending ..

SOOO that said Im going to stick to a 80 a week grocery budget ..this is very hard for me BUT im using some tools -shop around -find deals , coupons etc -Big Lots ROCKS for food 🙂 -AVOID WHOLE FOODS AT ALL COSTS-save receipts and check for “splurge ” items ..

Little to no convenience foods ( we do eat alot of brown rice though )

OHH and another friend just told me they were doing a 30 day cleanse ..Im joining her ..HEAVEN HELP ME ..its really simple actually no alcohol or fast food ( not a fan anyways ) …I miss wine already !! ?? !! BUT this will help me save money too ..

Anyways ..i need a funny or gun and since funny is less permanent here it is :





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