oh Cali ..i miss you already

Not sure what to say about my trip other than its so hard to be back. I miss all my people so much -actually I really didn’t know how much until my body told me “no sleep for you and BTW you are going to ache like a weird ache in the back of your head and heart ” -I think i was in denial until today. It is heartache ..so I will not say anything more about that because If I feed the monster I may not come back -denial still ..hell yes ..I choose to call it coping …anywho I will tell some fun Max and Dave moments:

Max : read the emergency instructions on the plane ( i say read loosely BUT they had pics ) so I turned the air on in the plane and he said “is the bags gonna come down “( air bags ) I said no hunny ..his words while whipping out the instructions ..” mommy according to this ” I’ll save you the rest of the convo ..but what I thought was funny was a child who still calls me mommy was using words like according to this ..

Dave : Has been struggling with his sinus’s said “mom my head hurts is this what a hangover feels like ?” I said David what makes you think I know ” he said “please mom lets not debate this I have seen you with a hangover -hence why I dont drink like that ” ( and all this time I thought it was Chris ) 

ohh and those who know Dave know he has zero self esteem issues ..so we go into a grocery store he has no shoes on ( auntie k to blame 🙂 ) I said Dave they have food in here they may kick you out ..in true Dave fashion he smiled at me and said ” Mom it’s fine Ill just smile trust me they wont care after that ” -as he was popping his collar and smiling at me 

MY LIFE ..I do think though I might have the best, smartest , cutest kids on the planet ..or I drink very very good wine 🙂 


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