So I received a package from my mom today regarding her ( my ) family history ..most written my aunt telling family history which honestly has always kinda been “second ” and I say that because they are a very private people 🙂 to my fathers very open -very loud -very family rah rah type of family ( they are like the mofia without the guns ). Anyway I have fond and interesting memories of my grandparents on my mothers side and it was very cool to hear where they came from ( honestly answered some of my questions ).BUT i have to say I read a handwritten letter from my grandfather to his daughters ( my mother and aunt ) and balled !! I had a special relationship with him . AKA I adored him -he was snuggly and funny and seemed ( in my childhood memory ) to adore us ! It was almost like our existence made him happy …and in this letter he wrote that reaffirmed that. He smiled at everything we said took us on long walks ( looking back who knows if my mom made him ) but his long walks were fast and LONG like miles BUT we never cared ..he taught me to love walks in nature and everything I would say to him made him laugh ( i remember thinking I must be super funny -how come my parents dont laugh at me saying this dandelion is so perfect I need to give to my friends ..which after his laugh he would ask what friends ..what are their names ..i need to use them my stories and he would pretend to mentally spell their names ..he would use those names BTW in stories he would write to us about cheese ..sorry that is a family inside joke ..) anywho I cried a little tonight and then remembered how lucky am I ? I had two fantastic grandparents I had to learn to appreciate ( my grandmother ) and one I had to learn how to except his appreciation of me ( my grandfather ) ..lesson learned and I am proud of where I came from regret that I choose another side of the family to focus on more BUT none the less I got it tonight. Always ..grandpa forward this is for you :

thank you for teaching me the love of wine ( the winery you thought I would forget ) 

the love of laughter -your eyes always had laughter behind them ( if you didn’t do it out loud ) 

You snuggled me when it was awkward to crawl in your grandfathers lap ..diff time was like ur lap expanded and let me talk.

You always smelled like sunblock and I took it to heart that you said ” protect those beautiful freckles ..they are angel kisses you know ” ( i wear sunblock religiously ) 

SO while no one needed to hear any of that I needed to write it .

xoxo grandpa and grandma forward -may the heavens welcome me at my time as they have welcomed you ..and may I see a winery ( grandpa) and a typewriter ( grandma) 


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