Cannot make this sh*t up !

So I wish I had a pic of this article ..BUT Chris chucked it so I’ll have to just explain …

It was in the newspaper ask so and so section:

To paraphrase a real women wrote in ” Does Catnip attract large cats ? Like Lions and Tigers ? ( WTF ? ) 


So and so ANSWERED ” yes it does ..blah blah blah ” ( it went on. ) 

OK WHAT ?? Where do you live Zimbobway ? ( SP? ) The plains of Africa ??..if you have to ask if planting catnip in SUBURBIA would attract lions and tigers it might be time to A. Get a life or B. Lay off the crack paranoid one. On a side note why would this paper agree to ANSWER that question. Just a thought here BUT has everyone gone crazy ? 

A friend of mine-her name is spelled like a Mexi gardner BUT pronounced entirely different- works with a guy that wanted to collect the small plastic punch out holes that they throw away-causally he mentioned to her ..this is what women’s sequence shirts are made of and we are just throwing them all away ?” WHAT ? Are you making women’s clothing in your spare time or just bedazzling your jeans ? Either way NO 50 year machine operator should be.
Again nut-job’s unite ?

THEN my sister tells me she was watching a show where the man is “sexually attracted to balloons ” WTF ??? I have to admit my children have had and still do ( Max ) a love of balloons-“Mommy can I get one ” Mommy I’m sad it flew away ” BUT This is clearly a mental issue for this man ( he is 60 BTW ) Gives a whole new spin on the Macy’s Day parade for him I’m sure !

Have we decided to accept the “walking straight jacket people” as normal ? Did I miss the memo ? Oh well at least they are entertaining ..until they knock at your door at midnight ..then shit just got very real ..hide your balloons is all I have to say !


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