Top ten reason Chris should not work 24 hour shifts

10.We are having yogurt Popsicle’s for dinner because it’s hot and leftovers are boring ( my words not Max’s ) 


9. Max and I followed ( in our car )  a parent we met at the park to another park and played for an hour.

8. They know Max and I  at the library by name and we think it is a special treat when we get to do the leftover crafts the “class ” ( adults with mental disabilities ) that the ladies ( who -or whom ? – by the way are all Russian and think max is their long lost child ) have saved for us.

7. We view Whole Foods as fast food dinners AND a fun adventure. ( We are very obsessed with their adorable reusable bags -and by “we ” I mean me ) 

6.Baths are done in the evenings and by evening I mean 4PM on weekends and we are in jammies by 5 ( yes we- I love a jammy night -it makes it feel ok that we are done for the day by 5 ) 

5. Scavenger hunts through the “woods ” ( this term I use lightly it is a paved trail surrounded by trees never the less woods to me ) is something Max and I both look forward to . ( my life has become this ) 

4. A drinking wine night with friends is done over the phone.

3.Max and I listen to DJ Quik and Mozart in the same day.
2. We spend way too much money at Starbucks ..we just cannot wake up without a mocha and a hot chocolate. ( you can guess who cannot wake up -darn you max addicted already ? 🙂 )
and the number one reason chris needs to be home more ?
1.I have recently convinced Max that Arrested Development is a show that “teenagers like Dave and Marina watch ” therefore I DVR’d all the shows and we snuggle and watch as a treat ” only if he is a good/big boy ” He gets bored after 10 mins and climbs off the bed and plays with his toys ..a win win for all … or a horrid memory one day Max’s therapist might have to decode as your parents tricking you no wonder you have trust issues ..
so chris might want to consider not working these hours .. or be gone for 48 then at least you can say you never knew ..


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