Stoked and horrified all in one

So well I should be super stoked my check up today post surgery was an A plus. His words

” well i guess there is no stopping you ” NO kind sir there is not I am a firm believer (not stubborn ) in the fact that my body will NOT stop me ever regardless of the situation. ūüôā hahhha or maybe I havent yet had a situation where i have to ..either way Im glad doc thinks I rock ( the old jewish man that he is-not sure he would know the diff -but¬†whatever¬†I will take the compliment ¬†) Anywho I was HORRIFED at the metal machine they used to check me in ..the scale ..I havent seen my weight since before Max was born ..Im sure I have been weighed right ? post child ? pre-surgery ? I guess I just¬†didn’t¬†actually pay attention until today. I have LITERALLY¬†badgered¬†friends about not paying attention to the scale ..”it means nothing ” “It’s how you feel ” ..WRONG¬†wrong¬†wrong and I¬†apologize¬†for my assumption that the scale means nothing. I asked the ( poor ) nurse probably four times “what ?” ” are you sure ? ” should i take off my shoes ? ” ( I almost said “that’s all boob¬†weight¬†right ?” but i didnt ) OMG clearly I have been in the dark about what I weigh ( or what I ¬†look like ) to the doctors credit -when I asked him am i overweight to the point of concern ? He said how do you feel ? I said horrified . He said then yes you are but good news you are able to fix that. Yayyyaya now I am control and I cannot BLAME A SOUL on this ..thx doc and really thank you I now know what I need to do …or NOT do ..( close your mouth porky pig ) anyone have any good advice ? I do eat good just not low-fat ( who knew organic does not mean low fat ?? ) I have been getting back into exercise doc “cleared” me today -i have been walking for a week now -oops – anywho any advice on motivation and or diet tips would be great ..and on a happy note ..max a roo is making “invitations¬†to HIS¬†graduation” ( he knows I have been¬†working¬†on dave’s )¬†¬†here’s what they look like ..and BTW each one is addressed to¬†people¬†he knows and i have to “mail ” at work 2morrow ..

( jammies and pics go good right ? ) 



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