Red Bull ..or actually RED BULL!!

Ok so I had some cocktails last night ..and by some i mean too many and too many i mean wine and a mixture of Bloody Mary’s ( with bacon in them YUMMMMMM)  ..I have not really been drinking at all lately so my body took this intake hard. We ended up staying the night at the cousins house we were out so Max could have a sleep over with the girls ..( AKA Chris and i could drive the 2 hour commute after cocktails ) I was late getting home this AM-we left around 5 AM ) due to traffic and rain and so I had to postpone my post-op appointment (that’s fun to say) ANYWHO SO Red bull to the rescue ?? MY ASS -I now am AWAKE with a hangover and shaking wildly !! Anyone have any tips to making it though the day and into the night ?


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