twice in one day you ask ??

yes i have to post max’s quotes : 

( in the bath )” mommy your boner is broken lets put a swing on it “..yes that’s what was said we were playing paramedic ..I asked you mean my bone is broken lets put a sling on it ? he said” yes that’s what i said your boner hurts ill help with a swing” ..awww just so u got that his words did not change apparently my interpretation  was wrong ..

” the list includes lettuce ..salad ..tomatoes beans ” I said all the things a salad has ..he said ” no i said salad now please get lettuce, tomatoes and green beans ” ( he was making a grocery list ) and btw WTF isn’t that salad ??

oh and my fav ” Mom its ok that you are here but can you at least watch TV it is weird that you dont ” I said who told you that max ? he said “Batman said u like the computer more than tv and dad says that’s just your mom being raised by grandma ” I said what does that mean ? He said ” im four almost five I ( in aloud voice ) I will not answer for you mom ” ..he is 4 god help me..

i swear my kiddos keep me laughing or suicidal ..lets talk tomorrow and see where I am at ..



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