still me minus an ovary

Not that anyone needs to hear this BUT i had a short hospital visit that turned into a minor operation to remove an ovary too “entangled ” with a large (the size of a grapefruit -docs words) cyst. I went in Sunday night in extreme pain and when I say extreme I mean no shit pain after tests etc it was determined the cyst was big enough ( grapefruit -no shit ) to need to be removed. It was very minor surgery and so easy to recover so the reason I write this is HOLY SHIT the hospital could be in a pinch a spa. Let me explain : the only time I have ever been hospitalized is when I was having my babies so while the nurses were nice and wonderful I had a baby to tend to. This time they supplied pain meds sweetly and every four hours or so and i could sleep when i wanted ..i was offered water ( after surgery o f course ) with “ice or no ice ” . ” Can we get you fresh pillows ? ” ” Are you comfortable ” ? ” Would you like us to get you a movie ? ” Lets see Dave is 17 almost 18 not in 18 years really seriously have I been this pampered. It was a dream ( alright highly painful ) but a dream non the less -nurses are some kind of angels put on earth im telling you ! And did I tell you I am secretly in LOVE with the anesthesiologist ? He was so nice ( being hot didn’t hurt any-is it a requirement to be hot to be an anesthesiologist ? ) and offered me a relaxation “cocktail” to help with my nerves before going under. So is it just me or has anyone else experienced a hospital stay NOT having children that felt like a vacation ( again minus the pain and fear ) or am i just a complete freak in need of a vac stat?!?


4 thoughts on “still me minus an ovary

  1. well being that I have many experiences with hospital visits, I can say NO, I have NEVER experienced this kind of service. My experiences are more like the doctors and nurses forget that I am even there and when they finally make their 30 second appearance, it’s like they really don’t give a damn or even want to know what is really wrong. So glad to hear in CO, they are true doctors and nurses that actually care – I mean, isn’t that why they chose that profession anyway?

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