Graduation is looming ..

Open letter to my fav teenager graduating this year :

My love as you go on to this new chapter I would like to give you some advice I have learned over the 24 ( 36 ) years I have been on this earth –

Be in love with all your heart -give it easily and never stop believing in it -when ( and you will )  get your heart broken love again -its worth it everytime.

Help people even if they don’t deserve it -its your good karma and good feelings that matter anyway.

Forgive and forget -seems simple but can be hard -once you let it go it won’t matter why or how it began in the first place.

Always look a person in the eye when shaking their hand -trust me this will open many doors.

Do not destroy you body with drugs , junk food or TV -( I am you mother this is what I say ) and for god sakes READ -anything -one good book can change you forever.

Listen to the elderly and ALWAYS hold the door open for them -you were taught this as a young child and I have seen you do this -it shows you respect them AND yourself.

Travel as much as you can you will learn by exposure.

Life will throw you curve balls and struggles but in the end you will find without them your life cannot change and it needs to. 

Love your brother and always have his back -in the end they have shared a life with you that no one else in the world understands.

Life HAS to be funny or its not worth it ..NEVER forget to laugh.

Be positive and share that with others you never know whose angel you will be today.

David –

I have loved you every single day for all of the days of your life. You have made me a better person. As you leave the “nest ” I want you to know I have every respect for you , every hope for you and every vision that your life will be amazing ..and remember these important words when all else fails -CALL YOU MOTHER !
I love you knuckles always ..


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