F …it !

Yes F It ..or fuck it ..or f#ck it ..however you like to hear it ..F – it 

I have decided to F – it on a couple things :

Being the perfect parent -I forgot to give Max breakfast this AM and did not pack his jacket -I forgave myself over three lattes ( not all at once however I may never sleep again ) 

Calling Dave like a lunatic ..I’m sorry one day he will do the same -actually prob his wife will about their children- but whatever 

Vacuuming -the carpet may leave but ya know I HATE to vacuum plus i break vacuums 

(ask chris and my dad this started when i was young) Honestly my carpet looks “speckled ” and it is not ..BUT F#ck it ..

TV monitoring ( this is just for tonight and maybe tomorrow ) I worry WAYYYYY too much about how much TV Max is watching .. let it go for F sake ..its just TV ..and its educational and I can do important things ( like playing on FB and writing this ) babysitter ? maybe but free -sort of – 🙂

and the biggest F IT …

SNOW ! I have decided way too late in the season ..I’m done being afraid ..you will not stop me ..i will exercise..drive …live my life ..and ya know what snow you cannot come back from F#ck it ..it’s the rule ..soo 

that is my list of F it’s ..please comment and let me know I am not the laziest human on the planet …:) xoxoxo all two that read this 


2 thoughts on “F …it !

  1. I make the kids buy the nasty school lunches several times a week because I’m too lazy to make a lunch. I also sit in my car at school pick up and make them walk up to the car. They constantly (used to) beg me to “come down” onto campus to pick them up. I’m fing tired….so no. I make them pull in the trash cans in Wednesdays. I make E help C with homework and vice versa. Hahaha. I could go on!!! You do the best you can….being a parent is hard shit. People tell you that but you don’t really get it till you’re in the thick of it. You are not alone!! lol

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