Every intention of doing ..( for the last year or so )

Take vitamins daily (not every other day -not oh shit Max here’s your vitamin look mommy is taking some too ) Everyday ..

Don’t kill your plant friends ( this should be a Yo-Gabba Gabba song ) Water and sunlight Steph how fuckin hard is this ? 

Compost -I have started and stopped so many composts I’m pretty sure even mother nature is like give it up already. I kept forgetting what you could or could not put in it ..apparently raw eggs a big no no. 

Make homemade cookies -simple enough ? Picture me going to the store -basket in hand -and the dialogue in my head goes like this :

“Get the chocolate chip bag and read what we need ” 

” Not organic -maybe we should do organic ” 

“Darn it the organic ones only come in the box mix -only needing to add eggs and oil..we have that ” 

” Good job Steph you saved money ” 

“Celebrate with wine “

and so the homemade cookies may never get made ..

Pinterest ( really need I say more ) -everything on fuckin-god damn-Pinterest 

Lose 40 pounds -should i go into details ? Let’s just say for the record I am THAT person -the cliche’ the- “I will start tomorrow”  ..the ” i just had a baby” ( he’s 4 ) the-“if I only eat carbs before 2” the -“wine is food and goat cheese is healthy.” Reading this I am mad at myself now ! 

I will forgive myself of these digressions as god has forgiven me ( is that a bible passage or did I make that up ? ) I have plenty of years to do any one of these things right ? Unless of course you can die from too much snow exposure then I’m screwed ..

anyways I must leave on a funny : best ransom note ever 🙂 





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