Debbie Downer

Spring fever ! I have it bad ! Like Ive never had before strange I’m actually a little depressed ..Dont get me wrong I have been sad before in my lifetime and anxious and all the jazz but DEPRESSION is its own animal and I have never been in funk like this before. I have started and stopped so many goal lists and gratitude journals ( things that supposedly help depression ) soaked in the tub more times than I can count and have read more books from the library than I know what to do with ! I still feel blah !! Am up late at night worrying about the dogs next door ?? (really Steph ? yes really ) about Max and his new haircut ( what If i scarred him by making him get one  ) about Dave and his teeth ..he needs ortho so bad! How can I afford college and Ortho..etc etc so what do I do ? NO clue ..have tried wine, exercise ( not in the order ) Joining clubs , making clubs -( all the  things I mentioned above) SO i guess where I am at is where I am at ..might as well ride this ride all the way through HELL it might be fun .. Maybe I can weep openly in public and blame it on “depression ” or tell Chris I can no longer give Max a bath too depressed ..Oh and I can even tell Chris I need to eat out once a week to help with my “depression” hahaha. This is looking brighter already…



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