Ill show you mine If you show me yours ..

Inspired by a great friend I have decided to post ( admit ) what I ate today  Please join me by commenting what you ate ..I dare you ! 

It really does make you more accountable and since I’m trying to lose weight before the big California Adventure I thought it might help !

So here goes :

Turkey sandwich with mustard and relish ( no Mayo ) I know I’m weird but I LOVE RELISH !! hahaha and whats even weirder is that this was breakfast 

Mid day snack V8

Lunch : Brown rice and a Mediterranean Goulash kinda thingy mixed in 

Snack : handful of almonds 

wait do i need to say what i drank ? 

Coffee -black ( insert joke here about how I like my men ..)

about a gallon ( roughly ) of water  

for dinner i will have grilled asparagus with spag sauce poured over it ( asparagus replaces noddles you see ? ) 

oh and wine of course ..]

any who I think this is a fantastic example of what a freak eater I am and I will not be posting any more of these …:) yayyayya ..OHH BTW I ( clearly ) need good diet recipes !! share pls !!




3 thoughts on “Ill show you mine If you show me yours ..

  1. You like your men HOW???? I ate a banana nut muffin (NOT the healthy kind), a med-rare burger, three cups of coffee and lots of water (that somehow cancels out the burger right?). And tonight for dinner.. drum roll please…. WINE (or beer).

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