I wont go on and on about the weather out here because it is bad ju-ju plus I do it enough on Facebook and to anyone that calls me on a random snow filled Saturday ..I lied yes i will ..

OK so snow is on its “way “-The winds have been around 40-50 MPH ..yes you read that right so its 60 (YA) but you cannot celebrate because you are in the eye of a hurricane. I guess spring is known for its gusty winds ( snow , then winds ?? when the hell does this get better ) 

Chris bought a grill ( a propane small one ) for camping or day trips to the parks out here to make me feel better but really a grill only makes me want to call my sunny (no pun intended) girlfriends back home and have a backyard “fling ” ..I’m wondering as I read this if maybe I should go on some type of anti-depressant ( like day drinking ) this is a really negative post !! So two positives that happened to me this weekend :

One :Max a roo loved his windy birthday party at the park !! 

Two : Dave is getting his cap and gown this week (and although I wont be there to see it -Sniff Sniff -) I sure am proud of the young man he is and will become ! 

and a joke : ( a little naughty so beware !)

A man was in a bar all day and he had to use the bathroom. He was in there for a while, yelling, so the barmaid reluctantly went to the bathroom to check on him.

“Sir, what are you yelling about? You’re scaring the customers.”

“Every time I try to flush the toilet something keeps biting my balls!”

“Sir, please get off the mop bucket.”



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