post # 2 on shitty emails i have gotten

OK so I keep getting weird ass emails ( as im sure we all) so i decided to vent on this 

ok email # 1 ( same person as last post btw ) subject :

I made my own footpowder I cannot believe I bought this before ! 


WTF ?? really gross ?? im all for making your own stuff ( I do often ) BUT really why tell the world you have stinky feet and to boot what you used to spend on not stinking ? I dont know  you ( this is a mass email on homemade mothering ) share this close friends.

email # 2 subject :

Stephanie , ( yes they used my name )

You need Viagra your partner will love your new look ..

wtf first off Stephanie should let you know i am a girl ..secondly really im 36 unless i am with an 80 year old ( which actually come to think of it have thought of statements first please ) I dont need viagra ads 

email # 3:subject :

horney housewives in your area ready for you 

First off how did my own email come back to me ?? I JOKE I JOKE 

and second again Stephanie would denote a women ..and while I am all for gay rights I am married and not a lesbain and BTW if I was I would not do a sex change .. this is a total side note but why change with a penis comes : inability to do two step instructions ..( they lose that ability at age 13) A refusal to see dishes that need to put away ..( not that I WANT to see that but at least a vagina =clean dishes ) and really farts are funny nor does the stink make it funnier ..ya no thanks i think I would rather carry another child in my body than sprout a penis ..

any who that is my main vent about emails ..leave me alone i do not want to make my feet smell pretty by the herbs in my house ( that we cook with ) I do not need viagra and I am not a lesbo nor do i need one there 🙂 

now friends email me fun stuff or email me to say hello I can combat these awful ones I keep getting ..thx 


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