my very first blog ( from my first )

Blog : November 08 12


California Dreamin

Relocated to Denver CO about two months ago and have landed a job ( I LIKE but don’t love hard to replace Yingst ) my three year old has a fantastic school he loves ..and I found a church yes me a church I actually enjoy going to ..haven’t made friends I can have cocktail or coffee hour with yet BUT im hopeful ..HOWEVER …..

I dream in San Diego ….

It’s funny how a town you grew in , raised a family and employed yourself in for 36 years can affect you

I still bleed blue and gold and adore Tony Gywnn ( I was Toni for Halloween when I was three )

I have a bolt stuck somewhere in my heart and miss Marty and LT

I loved the murph –best memories is my dad getting me a rootbeer ( “my beer” ) and him a beer

(sorry for the none sports fans you may not get any of that )

I would give my left arm for carne asada fries and dream of waiting 20 mins in the drive thru only to be miss understood by the employee and get a carne asada burrito .. ..

The snow may be beautiful on a crisp morning but sand and waves soothe the soul

Local coffee shops are great out here but they don’t know my name, know my drink , or suggest things I would like ( give it time ?? no thanks not that committed )

La Jolla has many memories for me ..actually my first real date was at the cove and my first real break up ( diff boys J )

Sunset cliffs is where I took Dave on his first run with me in a cheesy HUGE over priced jogger

 ( 1995 they had JUST came out with them)  He cried all the way back ..I remember this because just as I was gonna kill him he stopped and fell asleep on our doorstep J

Max took his first steps in Vista ..Dave and Chris and I were all there to see

Greatest friends you could meet at ciaos and share a salad and pasta and drinks for under 40 bucks..( really its funny I miss the ritual of this )

My friends and I slept in torilla flats  …( gunshots included ) enjoyed ( a little too much ) Village park and became a mustang ..

( sorry those that don’t know ENC )

Sooo as u can well see as my feet may dangle in the Rockies my heart is in a sunshine state.


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