Fantasy and the preacher

Interesting title huh ?

Living in a new town creates new “challenges ” some of which includes finding new radio stations I found on a flipping whim is a religious “preacher” channel ..please please let me explain ..I heard the cutest British accent I have ever heard and a man saying religion is based on lies and misunderstandings i listened on ..he is a british man now based in US all about spreading Christianity with love and dignity not judgement .. immediately I am in love ( and no this is not where the fantasy comes in ) ANYWAY so one of his radio “sermons ” was about marriage and how to keep your spouse happy ( i almost changed the station but damn his voice was so cute ..anyways ) He said ask your spouse about their wildest fantasy and try within reason to fulfill ..I tried SOOOO hard to think of anything ANYTHING but this ..BUT here goes here is my wildest married fantasy …

having someone anyone unload the Dishwasher just kidding ( kind of ) 

here is what I thought :

taking five friends to the deepest part of mexico where we dance until three in the morning get asked by some young cute waiter ( barely speaking English ) if this is my 26th birthday ..becuz I have told the bar it is my birthday today ..only to wake up the next morning not caring what my room looks like let alone my cloths …and be told we will be having bloody marys by the pool followed by a 1 hour massage …it goes on but you get the jest ..

here’s wondering what my British pastor would think of that fantasy ..but ya know what cute British man NEVER ask an american married women what their fantasy is …9 times out of 10 it will not include the hubby ( and if it does you have been married for less than 6 years ) 


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