SO the “do one good things for others everyday ” is going fairly well but its boring to write about and makes me sound like I am saintly ( which lets face it I kinda am KIDDING KIDDING) I decided to write about something else today ..

3 People I observed over the last week and I what I wish I would have said …

1. Lady who stomped her feet in Walgreens ,dragged her kids out of the store while screaming ( AND I MEAN HEAD BACK SCREAMING ) “Mommy has had it !! ” 

                             SOOOO been there hunny however lets do what we all have done ..hide our feelings ( with glares and mouthing just wait until we get into the car in the store )  until we get into the car and explode like a volcano while the kids remain quiet for three mins because they are secretly afraid you have lost it for good and they may never get that pudding cup you promised BEFORE they were naughty.

2. Women who loudly spoke to the waitress ” I SAID I wanted a milkshake not this tiny kids sized cup ..are you not listening when I order ? Do you have a problem ? Now do whatever you have to do to make this better and I am not paying anymore for your mistake” ( I am not kidding ask Chris this women actually said that )   

       The one and only thing I could have said to her..” Ever seen Waiting ” ..nuff said 

3.To the guy at the red light with his window down talking dirty to his girlfriend ? or lover ? 

                I am personally offen…lets be honest my number is 760-525-3290 call me !











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