you know you are a great cook when

I made homemade quiche and when I asked Chris how he liked it he said its great but im not a fan of whole wheat crust ..

it was not whole wheat crust ..i think i baked too long ..hence the darker “shade ” of the crust ..

and now I have an epic excuse to get takeout win for all !!


my very first blog ( from my first )

Blog : November 08 12


California Dreamin

Relocated to Denver CO about two months ago and have landed a job ( I LIKE but don’t love hard to replace Yingst ) my three year old has a fantastic school he loves ..and I found a church yes me a church I actually enjoy going to ..haven’t made friends I can have cocktail or coffee hour with yet BUT im hopeful ..HOWEVER …..

I dream in San Diego ….

It’s funny how a town you grew in , raised a family and employed yourself in for 36 years can affect you

I still bleed blue and gold and adore Tony Gywnn ( I was Toni for Halloween when I was three )

I have a bolt stuck somewhere in my heart and miss Marty and LT

I loved the murph –best memories is my dad getting me a rootbeer ( “my beer” ) and him a beer

(sorry for the none sports fans you may not get any of that )

I would give my left arm for carne asada fries and dream of waiting 20 mins in the drive thru only to be miss understood by the employee and get a carne asada burrito .. ..

The snow may be beautiful on a crisp morning but sand and waves soothe the soul

Local coffee shops are great out here but they don’t know my name, know my drink , or suggest things I would like ( give it time ?? no thanks not that committed )

La Jolla has many memories for me ..actually my first real date was at the cove and my first real break up ( diff boys J )

Sunset cliffs is where I took Dave on his first run with me in a cheesy HUGE over priced jogger

 ( 1995 they had JUST came out with them)  He cried all the way back ..I remember this because just as I was gonna kill him he stopped and fell asleep on our doorstep J

Max took his first steps in Vista ..Dave and Chris and I were all there to see

Greatest friends you could meet at ciaos and share a salad and pasta and drinks for under 40 bucks..( really its funny I miss the ritual of this )

My friends and I slept in torilla flats  …( gunshots included ) enjoyed ( a little too much ) Village park and became a mustang ..

( sorry those that don’t know ENC )

Sooo as u can well see as my feet may dangle in the Rockies my heart is in a sunshine state.

Fantasy and the preacher

Interesting title huh ?

Living in a new town creates new “challenges ” some of which includes finding new radio stations I found on a flipping whim is a religious “preacher” channel ..please please let me explain ..I heard the cutest British accent I have ever heard and a man saying religion is based on lies and misunderstandings i listened on ..he is a british man now based in US all about spreading Christianity with love and dignity not judgement .. immediately I am in love ( and no this is not where the fantasy comes in ) ANYWAY so one of his radio “sermons ” was about marriage and how to keep your spouse happy ( i almost changed the station but damn his voice was so cute ..anyways ) He said ask your spouse about their wildest fantasy and try within reason to fulfill ..I tried SOOOO hard to think of anything ANYTHING but this ..BUT here goes here is my wildest married fantasy …

having someone anyone unload the Dishwasher just kidding ( kind of ) 

here is what I thought :

taking five friends to the deepest part of mexico where we dance until three in the morning get asked by some young cute waiter ( barely speaking English ) if this is my 26th birthday ..becuz I have told the bar it is my birthday today ..only to wake up the next morning not caring what my room looks like let alone my cloths …and be told we will be having bloody marys by the pool followed by a 1 hour massage …it goes on but you get the jest ..

here’s wondering what my British pastor would think of that fantasy ..but ya know what cute British man NEVER ask an american married women what their fantasy is …9 times out of 10 it will not include the hubby ( and if it does you have been married for less than 6 years ) 

Dear Flip Flops

Dear Flip Flops ( and wedges ) 

I have missed you ..I KNOW you have seen chris wear his with socks ..but come one do you really want me to do that to you ( or us ) 

I miss you and the freedom of “running to the store ” or “throwing out the trash ” 

I know you are used to us being together daily ( especially after work ) but I cannot anymore we have moved to place that does not except you and your “weather ” …we have to ( as much as I hate this ) keep you in the closet until .. well I hear JUNE but then I guess snakes come out so you may have to save yourself until after summer ..sorry flip flop ..I moved you out here to have a better life and it seems I have failed ..

Traveling with a monkey

Traveling with a toddler can be hard is my advice aka what i have learned ..

Let them pack their own toys ..and check what they pack ..max packed two balls ( hahhaha ) two hard balls ( LMAO ) and let me tell you throwing baseballs in a hotel room HIGHLY frowned upon 

LOVE free breakfasts at hotels..except when allowing them to get their own plate and getting “whatever you want we are on vacation”  know that after three donuts a sugar crash will ensue and it will be be ..well lets just say “interesting ” at best …

The ever loved swivel office chair in your room will turn into a ride that can lead into hurt shins ..elbows ..etc ( mind you not to the toddler but to you ..ask chris ..bruises are inevitable ) 

always always pack extra shoes for the little one me on this ..or else you will be buying $75.00 “dinosaur shoes ” at the zoo ..just trust me ..

When planning activities know that if you take your little one to the “lounge” -aka hotel bar that allows children -they will forever love the bar tender that gave them virgin drinks and cupcakes and ask “why cant we go back down to the bar like last night ? ” right in front of family ( chris ‘s ) that are deeply religious  and not sure why your three year old is asking to go back down to the bar ..oh and they will add “remember mommy you had a hard time finding the elevator that was right around the corner ” fun times…

ohhh and BTW just when you have taken them to the zoo ..feed the giraffes ..saw every god damn animal ( including snakes YUCK ) ..given them an icecream ..rode the carousal TWICE becuz the conductor thought your child was “so sweet for saying thank you ” in the car they will say ” im bored mommy when can I go back to school ? ” 

LOL..and just when you want to kill them ..max says ” Mommy i love you thank you for showing me the other side of Colorado ” …awwww followed by ” when are we going back to my real home in California where David is ” ….

🙂 parenthood the joy that keeps on giving …………………..



to my three year old

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change ( finger painting= a mess) 

The courage to change the things I can (a walk instead of a nap can be therapeutic) 

And the wisdom to know the difference (one day finger painting and walking let alone being seen with me will be over ) 

I know one day these moments will end now only to remember that ..

Love you Buggy !