Ok so I didn’t realize it was Lent until I drove past a church sign saying “Lent is a forgiveness app ”  it got me thinking what am i going to give up for lent ? 

Some ideas 

Cursing ( those who know me know i am a truck driver at heart ) but then I thought fuck that shit way too hard ..

Eating meat ..yeah im sorry my once a week steak is not something I am willing to give up ..

so I then ( stay with me here ) thought to myself I have given up Dave for a year that counts right?? so INSTEAD of giving up something I decided to add something ..

Im sorry if i have offended anyone ..no I am not an atheis and I do believe in Jesus ..and Buddha ..and Mohammad ..I am pray daily and love our higher power the rockin chicka she is ( never mind have u seen a penis ? god is a man ..anyway I digress) 

So because I just am the forever rebel ( or horribly selfish )  I am ADDING something to my life this lent ..I will EVERY SINGLE DAY add a random act of kindness to my life or I guess I should say to those around me  ..I can even blog daily and let you know BUT really do you want to know daily ?? 

SO sorry Lent or sorry Jesus BUT that’s my small contribution toward Easter ..ohh and an Easter basket ..cuz chocolates ( specifically cad bury eggs ) celebrate the birth ..no damn it that’s xmas the resurrection of Krishna ..no damn it again that’s Christ ..

oh hell god im doing something nice daily …




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