Eye glasses and the great lesson

So i think i might need eyeglasses ..my dad is farsighted ..or near sighted and my mom is the opposite ..yes that explains it 🙂 hahha anywho BOTH 

are bad and I am avoiding all of this by using phrasing ( feel free to steal if u need to ) ” No i know what it said I just read to too fast ” “WHAT ?? That is the time yikes my cell phone is off” ( not a good one techy geeks will call u on this ..or teenagers ) “I KNOW what channel you said but my TV has a diff one ” ( only works when u live another state away from those sending u the info ) and my personal fav ” Really ?? you must have been drinking your typing is really bad ..can u resend ? ” ..let me know how these work for you ..they are not going over well with me 🙂 DAMN IT GLASSES …and the lesson in this ?? you can bullshit for awhile but god damn Gammy was right it all comes out in the laundry ..or in the eye doctor’s office ..


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