Gratitude and Oscar the Grouch

Ok quick question who the hell in real life keeps a gratitude journal besides my mother and Depak Chopra ?? That said I was feeling really grouchy on my way from work today so I decided to do a gratitude list so to speak in my head and it went down like this :

(actual convo I had in my head ) 

Im sick with some good damn cold –

BUT remember how you always say you wish you were sick instead of your kids well your kids are healthy be grateful-

Fuckers probably gave me the cold !

This sucks to be stuck in traffic 

You are so lucky you have a car 

Your right cuz riding the bus reading a book , answering texts during all this honking and slamming on my brakes sounds soooo much worse ! 

I hate that I am so broke I cannot pay my bills and I work to lose money on daycare

But you have what you need like food and water  

And no wine or dining out ..lovin to work to lose money and not enjoy my escapes 

I miss Dave so much it hurts and hate that I am missing out on his life 

Im sorry even mary fuckin poppins could not make this into a positive ..( so thats where I left that ) 

and on that note I stopped my gratitude “list/journal ” and I learned two very important things :

First : Its a tad odd that I am arguing with myself on a random Thursday on the way home from work ( and who the hell came up with the idea of this gratitude thingy anyways-you did -oh ya -stupid idea-fine we wont do it again -but I digress ) 

Second: When grouchy call a friend, call Merlot or call a counselor  BUT for god sakes do not call yourself -Oscar the Grouch lives buried deep inside everyone but lives and will come out.

Here’s hoping tomorrow tomorrow is better and I will leave you with something that made me smile :

CHRIS : Hey Max throw me the ball

( to which Max threw the ball and Chris caught it )

MAX: Good job dad your learning !  




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