I have a Confession(s) to make..

I have a confession to make and I’m typing this in sessions because Max is hovering in between “Mommy watch” and …. “I need help “.

Two confessions actually: 

1. I’m having a love hate relationship with laundry. I love clean clothes and do laundry daily ( not like you do good-ers that pick one day a week and knock it out ) I actually like the act of loading, putting soap in ..etc etc BUT the love affair stops at the folding and putting away part . To solve this I have developed a laundry sorter , holder, and folder -its called Max’s bed.(NO he doesn’t sleep in it !! I know I know. )

I do fold the clothes and put them away EVENTUALLY but my European mother would disprove at how frequently. They sit and stack quite nicely BUT I am horribly embarrassed and genuinely jealous when I go to house that does not have a secret clean clothes pile . .

2. Sasquatch has nothin’ on my legs !! Its been a cold winter here in ( my first ) Denver. I wouldn’t have noticed except that I was walking around the house in my shorter P.J pants when my legs kept feeling ..well wispy ..like a tiny brush was rubbing against them .. or they were being tickled with fur ( not a far cry ..) I ignored this for awhile and when I couldn’t take it anymore I took a closer look ..and what did I find? Rasta man’s dreads on my two legs ..on the plus side if you are eyesight challenged I look very tan ..like very tan ….(until there is a breeze )

Anyone wanna confess also ??


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