Could we be a match made in heaven ?

Could we be a blogging match made made in heaven ?

Does the sound of a little one playing waiter and serving you “chicken” melt your heart all the while trying to figure out how to make this pretend chicken real because truth be told you have no intention of making dinner ? We might be a match made in heaven ..

Do you believe thinking of exercise could be-in a pinch- the same as doing it ?? ( and on that note do you consider a nice run more like a quick walk? ) we could be soul mates.

Do you consider wine a food group ? ( you’re right unfair question who doesn’t ?)

Ever wonder ( fantasize ) about meeting the creators of Callou in dark alley for a short “chat ” ? ( if yes i can my future in your eyes )

In short – I am old and tired but I adore my kiddos more than life itself and consider myself lucky to be a mommy ( no that was not sarcasm ) They drive me nuts and make me the happiest I’ve ever been . I hate to cook but secretly like to invent recipes ( most fail but after enough red wine who the hell cares). I am cheap and use coupons -my purse is living proof that some do read and cut out coupons -its also safe to say its proof that those crazy doomsday people who stockpile have NOTHING on a mommy’s purse . I LOVE to go out to dinner and watch movies ( the watching movies thing is a new fetish since i recently relocated and have yet to make friends to go out with I am having a relationship with my DVD player )

I hope you ( all three that will read this and have known me for 10 plus years ) will join me down this path laced with crazy,wine and kiddos ..

Hope we are a match made in heaven ( or hell -whichever is more fun!  )


2 thoughts on “Could we be a match made in heaven ?

  1. Stephanie, I love your blog!!! I knew you could do it, and I believe you could be a famous writer. You are so funny and the things that are your reality are so entertaining. Anyone who wouldn’t read your stories, has no sense of humor. I really miss you, but am glad that you are doing well in Denver. Love ya, Kathy

    • AWWWWW kathy !! this actually made me cry !! I hope to see u soon !! xoxo and THANK YOU FOR THE encouragement ..i need it and actually do LOVE to write ! ( PS miss our “jokes AKA talking AKA gossiping upstairs 🙂 )

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